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PAYMENT INFORMATION (Multiple registrations, VENMO, Coupon Codes, Paying by Check)


Coupon codes for Spring sports and IBL are below. Families will register with a preset coupon code and then use VENMO to send their payment. This ensures that the maximum payment is being received by Holy Rosary CYO instead of being charged for credit card fees.

*$125 for baseball / softball: 715136 (expires on 2/4/24)

*$105 for varsity track & field: 876868 (expires on 2/4/24)

*$90 for peewee track & field: 988372 (expires on 2/4/24)

*$75 for COED Volleyball: 622156

2) Multiple kids or multiple sports

Please register them in ONE transaction via SportsConnect. We are assessed a fee for every transaction, so it benefits us for you to register all of your kids and all fall sports in ONE transaction.

3) VENMO (non-credit card) payments.

We are also assessed a credit card fee that we absorb (we do not pass on this charge to you) - so we lose money for every credit card transaction.

If you wish to pay by VENMO (or check), here is how you can proceed:

If you are paying via VENMO @HolyRosary-CYO and it is for ONE athlete and ONE sport, please use the codes below. If you are paying for multiple kids and/or multiple sports, please text Stephen Rupprecht (267-249-0329) to request a custom code for the value you need (if does not appear above).

Custom example 1: One child playing both Soccer and Cross Country

Custom example 2: One child playing volleyball and a different child running cross country

You will need a unique code not listed below


4) CYO CHECKS (*Payable to: Holy Rosary CYO)

If you wish to mail a check, please send to:

Holy Rosary CYO

c/o Stephen Rupprecht

3028 Warrior Road

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Holy Rosary CYO

3040 Walton Road 
Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania 19462
Phone : 267-249-0329
Email : [email protected]
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